Early Detection Programmes

With the combination of superior equipment and technology, you health and immunity can be rebooted to combat diseases and aging. Instead of solely treatment the symptoms of illnesses, we focus on treating the root cause of diseases or preventing them. At Ghealth Clinic, we have adopted effective diagnostic programmes to uncover the underlying conditions.

Includes lipid studies, liver functions, renal functions, electrolytes, immunology, thyroid screening and tumour markers, as well as hormone studies and allergy test is offered. 

Ultrasound Bone Densitometer

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A non-invasive way to help diagnose many common heart problems in people of all ages.

In an era of technology, it is important to check and assess your eyes for common diseases as your eyes can serve as an indicator of your overall health.


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The AGE reader provides an immediate accurate cardiovascular risk prediction in 12 seconds. 

PAP Smear

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Personalised genetic profiling offers insight into how your body responds to type of diet, exercise and lifestyle choices. With a better understanding of your body, effective weight loss are made possible.